Field Genetics

Download: Conditions of Use

The Cervus program and accompanying documentation are believed to be accurate and free from bugs or defects, but no warranty is given in this respect. Although the material has been prepared carefully, no warranty is given that it will fulfil any specific requirement of the user or that it will function in any particular manner. The user, accordingly, accepts the material 'as is'.

Users may not distribute Cervus to third parties.

Users in commercial organisations may download Cervus for evaluation but must pay a licence fee before using Cervus for commercial research or as part of a service provided to clients. Users of Cervus in academic institutions, government institutions, charities and other non-commercial organisations do not need to pay a licence fee provided that their work has no commercial purpose.

In academic publications the use of Cervus must be acknowledged by citing the following paper:

Kalinowski, ST, Taper, ML & Marshall, TC (2007) Revising how the computer program CERVUS accommodates genotyping error increases success in paternity assignment. Molecular Ecology 16: 1099-1106.