Field Genetics

Cervus: Overview

Cervus is a computer program for assignment of parents to their offspring using genetic markers.

Cervus uses likelihood, a well-established statistical method for parentage analysis, to assign parentage. Cervus introduces two key enhancements to this process:

1) Likelihood ratios are calculated allowing for the possibility that the genotypes of parents and offspring may be mistyped.

2) Cervus determines via simulation the level of confidence in the parentages it assigns.

Cervus represents an easy-to-use and practical tool for scientists seeking to establish parent-offspring relationships even when some genotypes are incomplete, incorrect or missing.

Further information

If you are new to Cervus, click here to find out about what analyses Cervus can do. If you have used Cervus before, click here to learn about the new features of Cervus 3.0.7.