Field Genetics

Cervus: Licensing

Non-commercial users

Since Cervus 1.0 was launched in 1998 (Marshall et al. 1998) the program has been distributed free of charge to academic users for research purposes. Field Genetics is committed to maintaining free distribution of Cervus to academic users on this basis. Users of Cervus in academic institutions, government institutions, charities and other non-commercial organisations do not need to pay a licence fee provided that their work has no commercial purpose.

As part of this free service users are asked to cite Kalinowski et al. (2007) in any publications arising from the use of Cervus. A citation allows future researchers to understand the analytical methods used and to obtain Cervus for their own work.

Cervus 3.0 may be downloaded by clicking here.

Commercial users

Commercial users may download Cervus 3.0 free of charge for evaluation by clicking here.

A licence must be purchased before Cervus is used for commercial research or as part of a service provided to clients. Contact Field Genetics via email at to enquire about licence costs and the terms of licensing.