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Cervus: Papers

Users of Cervus may find the following papers of interest:

Marshall et al. (1998)

Marshall, TC, Slate, J, Kruuk, LEB & Pemberton, JM (1998) Statistical confidence for likelihood-based paternity inference in natural populations. Molecular Ecology 7: 639-655.

This paper develops the error-tolerant likelihood-based method implemented in Cervus and applies it to analysis of paternity in red deer (Cervus elaphus) on the island of Rum, Scotland. The likelihood equations published in this paper are now superseded by those in Kalinowski et al. (2007).

Slate et al. (2000)

Slate J, Marshall TC & Pemberton JM (2000) A retrospective assessment of the accuracy of the paternity inference program CERVUS. Molecular Ecology 9: 801-808.

This paper is a follow-up to Marshall et al. (1998) using a large panel of markers on a subset of the Rum red deer dataset to show empirically that the confidence levels determined by simulation accurately reflect the probability of correct assignment.

Kalinowski et al. (2007)

Kalinowski, ST, Taper, ML & Marshall, TC (2007) Revising how the computer program CERVUS accommodates genotyping error increases success in paternity assignment. Molecular Ecology 16: 1099-1106.

This paper describes revised likelihood equations which provide greater power to assign parentage at a given level of confidence and more accurately take account of the effects of genotyping error. These equations are implemented in Cervus 3.0. Users of Cervus 3.0 should cite this paper in any publications including results generated by the program.

Kalinowski et al. (2010)

Kalinowski, ST , Taper ML & Marshall, TC (2010) Corrigendum. Molecular Ecology 19: 1512.

The likelihood equations printed in the Appendix of Kalinowski et al. (2007) contained typesetting errors. These errors are corrected here. Note that these errors do not affect any version of the Cervus software.