Field Genetics

Cervus: Using Cervus

Cervus 3.0 is a standalone software package that runs on PCs using Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions.

Analyses are configured with a user-friendly graphical interface. Cervus reads genotype files and relationship files in text format. These can be readily prepared in Microsoft Excel or using other spreadsheet or database software.

Each set of results is summarised in a file and displayed in its own window while the actual data is saved to a second file for downstream analyses.

A fully integrated help system is provided along with the package. The help system specifies file formats, explains analysis options and describes how to interpret results.

The Cervus package can downloaded from this web site. It is available without charge to academic users for research purposes. Commercial users must pay a licence fee.

Further information

Click here to read more about the functions of Cervus or here to find out about licensing Cervus.